Help us save lives. Join MSF and help us deliver urgently needed medical care.

Right now, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) field workers are responding to crises that have forced people to flee their homes or sent them in search of medical help. These emergencies aren't always covered in the news. But they happen each and every day.

When these crises occur, we refuse to stand by and do nothing. We're there to provide lifesaving care. We're there to stand up and speak out. You can be there too. Stand with us when the world needs you to stand. Speak out with us when the world needs a voice. Be at the ready to help us save lives.

In 2016, Doctors Without Borders provided 9,792,200 outpatient consultations, admitted 671,700 patients, and assisted more than 250,000 births.

Working in 70 countries around the world, we're there for children like one-year-old Aichatou, who we treated for malnutrition and respiratory illness in Cameroon. We're there for the mom with three little girls who fled first from Eritrea and then Libya before we provided them with medical care on a Mediterranean rescue ship. We're there for Amina and her new baby, born prematurely after their village was attacked in Nigeria. Join us. When you do, you'll be standing with people like Aichatou and Amina. You'll be standing with the hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the world who need help. You'll be standing up, at the ready, when lives are on the line. Sign on to save those lives.

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Signera petitionen
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