Tell Congress: Protect civilians in Ukraine

Civilians and civilian infrastructure cannot and should not be a target of war. Over the last year, many Ukrainian civilians have been trapped by the war and critical infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Those who are unable to flee require urgent humanitarian aid, but safe and unhindered humanitarian access continues to be denied.

Tell the U.S. Congress that they must use every diplomatic resource available to uphold international humanitarian law for the protection of civilians, and support unimpeded, sustained humanitarian access across Ukraine, including Russian-controlled territories. This must include safe passage for civilians to leave, open and secure access for humanitarian aid to pass freely, and sparing civilian infrastructure.

Civilians have a right to access humanitarian aid and a right to flee violence. War-affected communities in Ukraine lack access to basic needs, including food, water, medicine, and electricity. While millions have fled their homes, the people who remain are more likely to be older persons and people with disabilities, who must cope with less support. As the war continues into a second year, we cannot leave people in the dark, cold, and at risk.

Sign today and tell Congress to do their part to protect Ukrainian civilians!
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