Old Navy has decided to remove its plus size line from ALL of their stores. Leaving girls who dont wear sizes under 13 to shop at home online. Not only will girls no longer be able to try stuff on before they buy it, they will have to pay shipping on everything...Please sign here to stop them from discriminating on what size a girl wears.

You hear all this hype about how girls become anorexic & are SO concerned about their weight....Have you ever wondered why? This world sets a standard on what size a girl should be...13 and under...WHY? Now a store who had carried plus sizes for YEARS is getting rid of the plus size line in ALL of their stores. Are they ashamed of having bigger girls in their stores? How do you think thats going to feel to girls who arent the standard.... So basically if your plus size your not allowed to try things on & must pay extra for shipping. because they still offer the stuff online but NOT in the stores...

I originally found this out from a myspace bulliton from Mia Taylor fan site Here is the original bulliton:

I don't know if you're aware of this but beginning this summer plus sizes are being removed from Old Navy Stores nationwide. We will still be able to shop online at but we'll no longer have the ability to touch, feel and try on the garments like their other consumers.

Today at the store on 18th street and 6th ave in NYC I was made aware of the plan and asked to speak with a manager. When I asked him why they were kicking us out of their stores the reason he gave was that corporate felt it was a poor business decision to incorporate plus sizes into their stores. I questioned how catering to the majority of the United States population was a poor business decision and he told me that I was not the first to ask.

He said the business wasn't going well in the plus sector and I gave him a list of possible reasons why including their fit and lack of plus marketing. I offered that they should make an effort to fix the problem and find out why they weren't doing well instead of banishing us to the internet.

Turns out that the person I spoke with is also a Customer Service Rep and he's in charge of feedback to the corporate offices.

He encouraged me to get as many women as possible on board to overload Old Navy's website and telephone lines with complaints about this move in an effort to halt it.

Please, even if you don't wear clothes from Old Navy take a minute to take a stand for all of us. Please send and email to: or call 1-800-Old-Navy

We need to start standing up for ourselves letting retailers know that we deserve the same rights as our straight sized counterparts.

Unity In the Plus Community,


I then took it upon myself to e mail old navy & find out if this was is the responce they sent me:

Dear Nicki,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our Women's Plus line. After much
evaluation, and as difficult a decision as it was, we will be removing
the Women's Plus line from all of our Old Navy stores. Please accept
our sincere apologies for any disappointment this may cause you.

While we will no longer carry Women's Plus in any of our stores, the
complete line is available on our website at You can
an order on the web or by calling 1-800-OLD-NAVY, option one. Our
online representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you with
questions or order placement.

We hope this information is helpful and look forward to shopping with
you soon.


Customer Service Consultant

PLease sign my petition so i can foward it to Old navy & show them how discriminating this is....Everyone all shapes and sizes are equal...we spent years telling people all races are equal well it goes for how you look also.

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