Control Your Private Information on the Internet

We have the right to decide if our private information -- from our shoe size to our health concerns -- is collected, analyzed and profiled by online tracking companies and tools while we use the internet. A "Do Not Track" option is a simple way to refuse internet surveillance and get control over our private information.

Tracking companies and advertisers need to agree to accept our consumer choices, and we need confidence that our choices will be honored.

Last year, we discovered "zombie cookies" that are reinstalled on computers after we've purposely deleted them. This violation proves we need privacy standards that will be enforced.

Ask Congress to support strong online privacy legislation that includes Do Not Track and allows consumers to take control of our private information on the internet.
Dear [Decision Maker],

I worry that my searches, purchases, emails and other online activity are being tracked, and that information about me is held by companies I don't know anything about. I want the right to stop the tracking and regain some privacy for my internet use.

[Your comments will be inserted here.]

I feel like someone is watching me all the time when I'm online. "Cookies" can be placed on my computer that tell marketers what I like or might like so they can advertise to me. And last year it was revealed that "zombie cookies" can even come back once I've carefully deleted them. Then, information about my online choices gets stored somewhere and I don't know how it is used, or if it is secure.

I want a "Do not track" system that's like our national "Do not call" system. If we can get rid of annoying marketing calls at dinner, we should be able to block annoying cookies and other tracking software when we are online.

Further, I want to know what information is maintained about me, where it is maintained, and how it is secured. Sensitive information, like health or financial information, should be subject to strong privacy protections and should not be maintained by companies with which I have no relationship.
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