Tell KFC's CEO: Stop serving antibiotic-raised chicken

Restaurants like KFC are sourcing their meat from factory farms. These farms can give KFC the cheapest price for their chicken — but it comes at a steep price to U.S. consumers. Many factory farms use and abuse antibiotics. They use these drugs on healthy animals to prevent a disease outbreak in the crowded and often squalid conditions of the factory farms.

Overusing antibiotics accelerates the process of antibiotic resistance. Already, more than 23,000 people die each year from antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

This is about our public health, and KFC needs to change. Will you send a message right now to KFC CEO Roger Eaton asking him to stop serving chicken raised with antibiotics?
SUBJECT: Stop serving antibiotic-raised chicken!

Dear Mr. Eaton,

I'm deeply concerned that KFC sources its poultry from factory farms that overuse antibiotics. Scientists are telling us that the overuse of these medicines in farming is causing antibiotic-resistance superbugs to multiply at an alarming rate.

It's very important that we address this problem. We need antibiotics to be there when our loved ones get sick.

Panera and Chipotle have had strong policies that restrict the use of antibiotics for years. And more recently, Chick-fil-A, Subway and McDonald's have stopped buying antibiotic-raised chicken. I hope KFC will move swiftly to join them and stop serving chicken raised with antibiotics.

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Thanks for considering my views.


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