Best Buy/Geek Squad - Honor Black Tie Protection for Parrot Owners "Normal"

I bought a new laptop last year and got the Black Tie protection because the employee said it would cover bird damage, after I explained that they have dust, beaks, claws and poop and do not discriminate how and when to use them.  I repeatedly took the laptop back to the store because of blue screen crashes from the first month or so after purchasing which has yet to be resolved.  A few months ago I took it in after a bird ran across the keys, knocking them off and I needed a new A/C plug because it had been chewed by birds. My main reason for taking it was because of the crashes. They sent it to Geek Squad who sent it back saying they would not honor my protection because I abused my laptop and it was not from normal wear and tear. I told them it IS normal for a parrot owner to have these things happen and it's why I purchased the protection. They didn't give me my money back my protection money, either.  Please sign this petition to tell Best Buy and Geek Squad that Parrot people's "normal" wear and tear is NOT the same as everyone elses. Let's not let them continue to steal people's money and not fix issues with computers! They would not even honor the plan for the crashes, which I had taken it in for several time before the issues with the birds happened!

Black Tie Protection needs to be honored for animal owners, especially those who own or work around parrots. Our "norma" is not the same as other people's normal and your protection is for "normal" wear and tear. Computer damage caused from parrots or animals is "normal" for us! If we bought protection you need to honor it or refund in FULL!

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