Keep Your Online Profiles Protected from the Federal Government

The federal government thinks it's too difficult to conduct criminal investigations. Their solution? Peek into every American's emails, Google Docs, Facebook posts, and Twitter messages without even requesting a warrant.

Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democratic chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee, has quietly proposed changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) to allow 22 government agencies to access your online data.

Senator Leahy originally claimed that his amendments would protect our online privacy. While he hasn't publicly recanted this statement, he has rewritten the updates to the Act to increase law enforcement's access to our online data unilaterally.

It's no coincidence that Leahy was also a huge supporter of The Patriot Act, a bill that notoriously decimated the privacy rights of American citizens.

Don't let Senator Leahy destroy our online privacy. Tell your Senator not to pass the ECPA Amendments Act.
Dear Senator,

Deceiving the public by quietly sneaking anti-privacy amendments into legislation intended to uphold online privacy betrays the trust of every internet user.

Allowing 22 federal agencies to access our email, Twitter, Google Docs, and Facebooks without a warrant is the equivalent of knocking down someone's door to sift through the private belongings they keep in their home. Information stored online is not any less important, and is arguably becoming more important as online communication becomes our primary manner of sharing and storing personal data.

Do the 4th amendment justice by protecting us from the search and seizure not just of our homes, but of our information. We shouldn't have to look over our shoulders every time we go online, and we shouldn't have to avoid using the internet and other economy-boosting technology businesses because we are worried about jeopardizing our privacy.

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Don't allow the federal government to search through our personal emails and online profiles without a warrant!

[Your name here]
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