Tell Disney Corp: No more DisneyWorld vacations until Florida's gun laws change

  • by: Louise Mowder
  • target: Meg Crofton, President, Walt Disney World Resort

The Florida "Stand Your Ground" law is resulting in the senseless slaughter of unarmed and harmless Americans by nervous, trigger-happy Floridians.The latest event occured on Wednesday, July 25. A door-to-door salesman was shot twice in the head and killed, by a man claiming he fired under the "Stand Your Ground" law - all because the shooter mistook a company brochure for something menacing.

Tell the head of DisneyWorld Resorts that you and your family refuse to visit any of the Florida Disney Resorts until this obscene and fatally dangerous law is overturned! 

The State of Florida and its legislature won't listen to the citizens - but they *will* listen to the Walt Disney Corporation.

Flroida's "Stand Your Ground" law results in the slaughter of more unarmed, harmless Americans every week. The latest report is that of July 25, 2012, when a door-ro-door salesman, armed with a brochure, was shot twice in the head by a man stating he was "in fear for his life."

Tell the President of Walt Disney Reorts and Parks in Florida that you will refuse to visit them until the Florida law is repealed or overturned. You value the lves of your family and yourself too much to take chances of getting shot by a maniac with the presumption of innocence.

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