UK: Update Laws to Dismantle Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire

It's become clear: Corruption is rife in Rupert Murdoch's New Corporation. Reporters have hacked the phones of celebrities, a 13-year-old murder victim and potentially 9/11 victims.

Reports have emerged that New Corp's executives knew about but did little to stop these illegal practices and covered up evidence of wrongdoing. The New York Times reports the company allegedly destroyed a computer with incriminating emails, paid off reporters and editors, and even bribed police.

Close associates of Murdoch, Prime Minister David Cameron and officials at Scotland Yard have been implicated and resigned in connection with scandal.

As allegations and investigations mount, this much is clear: News Corp cannot be trusted with the media power it has amassed. If the UK wants to stop abuses, it must modernise its media ownership laws to prevent anyone from having so much control over the press.

Support Labour leader Ed Miliband's call to dismantle News Corp and update laws to prevent future abuses of power.
Dear [Decision Maker],

The unfolding and growing scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has shown the kind of corruption that breeds when one individual controls such a large share of the media.

It is time for the UK to update its media ownership laws to prevent anyone from amassing such power over the press and media.

I support Ed Miliband's calls to prevent media abuses by dismantling the News Corporation media empire and making sure no company can legally control such a large portion of the press.

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