This State Just Put Its Endangered Animals In A LOT More Danger!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona State Government
Life for endangered species in Arizona just got a whole lot harder, thanks to a bill that will allow private property owners to hide any and all information about threatened wildlife living on their land. Without this information, conservationists can't protect those species and greedy developers will surely destroy the habitats of endangered flora and fauna!

Call on Governor Doug Ducey and the entire Arizona state government to repeal HB 2749 - sign the petition today!

There are two main contributors to the growing list of endangered or threatened species in the world. One is a loss of genetic variation, which normally occurs when a species' population is too small or its individuals are prevented from mating. The second is loss of habitat, and while this can occur naturally, it is most commonly perpetrated by humans. Due to human development, hunting, and climate change,one in four mammals worldwide are at risk of disappearing.

Arizona alone is home to 65 species that are listed under the United States' Endangered Species Act (ESA). Of the 65, 44 are animal species and 21 are plants. The state has a responsibility to support and conserve their populations, or they could be lost forever. That is why it is so abhorrent that Arizona's legislators would pass a bill that would give a leg up to big developers while crushing what's left of already vulnerable populations of wildlife.

Under the bill, information gathered by state-sponsored endangered species surveys on private property must be kept secret. In the name of "private property rights," any and all information biologists uncover would have to be locked away, meaning that state and federal agencies tasked with tracking and creating recovery plans for endangered wildlife would be working blind. If there were a population of New Mexico jumping mice on the site of a new mall, or a family of yellow-billed cuckoos nesting in trees that are to be cleared for a development of homes, the developers can hide this information to keep their lucrative projects moving.

Supporters of the bill claim that by allowing information to be kept private, landowners and developers will be incentivized to "cooperate" with the surveying. But what good does cooperation do if the agencies tasked with saving these species have no access to the information gained?

This is a ridiculously thinly veiled attempt to give yet another pass to big developers, no matter the cost. But we believe the cost of losing Arizona's endangered species forever is too high. Tell Arizona to make it right and repeal HB 2749!
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