A Call for Federal Guidelines for Safe Tech in Schools

As affected citizens and concerned parents, I urge you to sign this petition to demand that the federal government take action to protect our children from the dangers of wireless technology, starting with issuing the following:

  • A federal warning about exposure to wireless radiation from WiFi just like the city of Berkeley's Right To Know Ordinance for cell phones
  • Federal public health fact sheets about ways to reduce exposure to wireless radiation, particularly for children in schools 

As a concerned parent, I have done extensive research about wireless technology. In the process, I was shocked to learn that:

  • Wireless technology was not tested for safety before going into the consumer marketplace including schools and nurseries
  • There is no system in place to recall the technology when dangers are obvious
  • Organizations have issued their own warnings:
    • World Health Organization (WHO) classified wireless radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen
    • Governments including France and Israel about WiFi in schools
    • In alignment with California's Prop 65, the City of Berkley requires retailers to have a warning sign at the point of sale for cell phones
    • California Department of Public Health issued a public health fact sheet, "How to Reduce Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy from Cell Phones" in December 2017; it indicates "Children may be more at risk for harm from exposure to RF energy".
    • In June 2018, the WHO defined the diagnosis Gaming Disorder in the International Classification of Disease. This brings the diagnosis into mainstream medicine where insurance companies will now be expected to pay for prevention and treatment.

Our message is "safe technology" rather than "no technology." We will all benefit from technological innovation and the economic boom that safe technology will bring.

Our youngest and most vulnerable citizens are now exposed to hazardous radiation from wireless technology in school 180 days a year for 13 years of their developmental life. And they continue to be exposed at home and in public areas 24/7.

As digital addiction takes hold, teachers compete for students' attention. An increasing number of schools are implementing a 'No cell phone' policy during school hours. This seemingly insignificant policy can have a tremendous impact on reducing children's daily exposure to wireless radiation in classrooms and psychological dependence on screens.

In accordance with statutes that require businesses to inform citizens about exposures to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, all citizens should be taught safer handling of wireless technology and schools should urgently adopt medically recommended best practices and incorporate Safe Tech in their curriculum.

The public has the right to know so please issue public health fact sheets on wireless radiation risks so the public can make informed technology choices.

A healthy lifestyle is no longer eating organic and reducing toxic chemicals in the household; now it is also about reducing overexposure to wireless radiation. With the upcoming 5G Network and Internet of Things (IoT) it is urgent to implement measures to protect our citizens and the next generation now.

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