U.S. Government: Enforce Robocall Rules!

It seems everyone these days is sick of robocalls. People are at their wits' end, and yet the problem persists.

A solution has been cooked up by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and it’s pretty simple: If you did not agree to get a company's telemarketing calls ahead of time, then you shouldn't get them at all, ever.

Is it working? Not quite yet. Industry is pushing back, and the FCC needs to hear that consumers want aggressive enforcement. If you don't want to get automated telemarketing calls that you haven't asked for, then take action here.

Tell the FCC: No more robocalls!
Dear Chairman Wheeler,

I'm glad the FCC has issued new rules to rein in those endless robocalls to my home. Now it's time to enforce all applicable rules vigorously. You've created a rule that says I have to opt in to commercial robocalls before receiving them. I promise you, I have not opted in to these calls, yet I am still receiving them.

I understand enforcement can be difficult, since many of these operators can quickly fold up and reopen their shops to avoid detection. To help you enforce your rules, consumers like me can report what we're experiencing, and I encourage you to seek out and use our information.

Consumers Union has already collected thousands of stories about the unapproved calls people are getting at home. The FTC and the FCC have both collected thousands of complaints. And the major telephone companies also could provide information.

[Your comments here]

It's time to follow the good policy with aggressive enforcement. Thank you for everything you've done so far, and for taking the next steps to finally stop the robocalls and give me back my peace and quiet!


[Your name here]
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