Stop Wall Street's "Too Big to Fail" Excuse

Bank and Wall Street lobbyists are swarming the Capitol right now trying to stop Wall Street reform. In fact, news reports show the six leading banks -- JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley -- spent a combined $6.9 million on lobbying in just the first three months of this year.

But Americans like you are pushing back and getting results, because you're sounding off!

The Wall Street CEOs got their taxpayer bailouts and big bonuses -- now some of the biggest companies that helped tank our economy are even bigger. It's long past time to fix the problems that got us here, including stopping this 'too-big-to-fail' attitude.

Tell your Senators you are watching and expect a YES vote for reforms that give responsible Americans a fair financial marketplace and prevent future economic disaster. It's time to stop Wall Street's shakedown of Americans -- it's time for real reform!
Support Wall Street reform for families!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As you consider your votes on Wall Street reform, I ask you to make sure my family gets the protection we deserve and taxpayers never have to foot the bill for another Wall Street bailout. We need smaller banks, clear new rules to prevent banks and other mega-companies from undermining our economy, and a strong, independent financial watchdog that has the power to protect us against deceptive financial practices.

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Strongly protect consumers: An independent pro-consumer watchdog must be created so when new problems with deceptive financial products are spotted, they can act quickly to stop them. Vote YES for the strongest, most independent consumer watchdog you can.

No loopholes for auto loans: Auto dealers who make car loans should be held to the same standards of fairness and transparency as banks. When I buy a car and the dealer helps me get a loan, I should get exactly the loan I bargained for, with no unexpected "extras" or surprise conditions.

End "keep the fee, pass the risk": Making bad loans was good for brokers, lenders, and Wall Street because everyone got a fee on the deal while passing the risk of nonpayment on to the next person in the chain. The Senate bill requires that every entity that securitizes loans keep a material portion of the risk. That means everyone will think twice before making a bad loan--and taxpayers won't be cleaning up the mess.

If it's not a bank, it can still tank the economy: Some of the biggest firms that threatened our economy were not banks, but other kinds of financial companies held to lower standards. This bill allows a panel of bankruptcy judges to appoint the FDIC as the receiver of important non-bank financial companies or bank holding companies when they are at risk of failing. The FDIC can fire management, and creditors and shareholders of the failed company will bear the losses not taxpayers.

End the hidden gambling: Require hedge funds to register and to disclose their trading activities, bring sunshine and oversight to the largely secretive derivatives market, and stop banks from gambling on derivatives.

Let states protect us: States should have the right to do more than what the Federal government says to protect residents from emerging financial schemes.

End "too big to fail": In 1995, the assets of the six largest banks were equivalent to 17 percent of the US economy (GDP); now they amount to 63 percent of GDP. No wonder the mega-banks can shakedown the taxpayer with threats of economic collapse! I want real reform including a limit on size of the biggest financial institutions so we never again have to worry that if one of them fails it will bring down the economy.

A vote for financial reform is a vote to put an end to predatory financial products and the reckless behavior on Wall Street that put families and our economy at risk. Please support the strongest reform bill possible!
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