A full investigation into Madeleine's Fund: Leaving no stone unturned limited, and its auditors

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Transparency in the annual reporting of this company has not been offered by the directors\trustees

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You would like to know more about how and where monies donated by the public have been spent

Haysmacintyres' audit files for the company should be investigated


On 3rd May 2007, 3 year old Madeleine McCann was reported missing from her parent’s holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz, Portugal.

On 15th May 2007, a fund was set up by friends and relatives of Madeleine’s parents.  The purpose of the fund was to collect donations from the public and to sell a small number of items such as wristbands or Tee-shirts; the money was to be used to allegedly, “search for Madeleine”.   A major part of that cost would be the costs of a private investigation.

Madeleine’s parents allege that she was abducted from their apartment whilst they ate with their friends at the local tapas bar.

Portuguese and British police claimed that Madeleine had died in the apartment as a result of a tragic accident.

There is widespread debate about what may have happened to Madeleine, this triggers other questions, such as, what is the real purpose of the fund?  Where has the money been spent?

Further questions have arisen on the internet as to the McCanns’ choice of private investigators, for instance, convicted fraudster, Kevin Halligen before being convicted  for fraud elsewhere,  he is alleged to have been paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by the trustees of the fund only to have spent it on high living.  His company, Oakley international, was referred to publicly as “the big boys of private investigation” by the McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, despite the fact that the company had been set up purely for the purpose of the McCanns’ private investigation.

Metodo 3, the Spanish Company employed by the McCanns lied about knowing where Madeleine was and who her abductor was.  They boasted that they would have her home for Christmas.  Clarence Mitchell  stated that Team McCann still held much faith in Metodo 3, despite these lies.

Antonio Jiminez Razo, associate of Metodo 3 who worked with them on the McCann case in Morocco, is now serving an 18 year sentence for the theft of cocaine.  Despite having worked closely with Metodo 3 on this case, the McCanns claim that Antonio Jiminez  Razo had nothing to do with them.

Clarence Mitchells “Alpha Investigations Group” turned out to be the now dissolved “Alphaig Limited” a small company set up on 10th June 2009 purely for McCann purposes.  The registered office was a cottage in the Halkyn Mountains, Flintshire.  It had one director, and assets of no more than £1300.

Has team McCann really been this unlucky with their private investigators?  Has the money genourously donated by the public really been spent on these detectives? Its’  little wonder that Madeleine has not been found.

This is just a small sample of the of items being discussed on the internet and it is resulting in more and more  people asking many questions about the fund, its purpose, its directors and their integrity.  Even the integrity of the auditors has been brought into question, are they really independent?  Have they verified that large sums paid to these detectives were beneficially used in the search for Madeleine?

There are many references to the fund and many internet sites set up to discuss these matters.  Many who dispute the McCanns claims that Madeleine had been abducted have taken to referring to the company as “The fraudulent fund”

If Madeleine McCann really has been abducted and this fund was genuinely set up to cover the costs of the search for her, then a great injustice has been done in that the reference to an alleged “fraudulent fund” and the many comments and questions that go with it would be depriving the child of a greater chance of being found.  Naturally, this would need to be rectified so that the public can continue to make donations with confidence.

On the other hand, if Madeleine McCann was not abducted then the fund would have been set up for other purposes and the public would have been deceived into thinking that they were contributing towards the search for Madeleine and the company would have received monies under false pretences.

As millions of pounds of public money has been paid into the fund, and the McCanns are publicly requesting further donations, we respectfully ask that there be a full and proper enquiry into the fund and its activities, and also to the conduct of the auditors, by the relevant bodies.


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