Tell Trader Joe's to be a leader and ban mysterious, vague "natural flavors" in our food!

We look to Trader Joe's to have our back when it comes to pure, simplistic ingredients in their foods. We specifically shop there because it helps us to stay on track when it comes to eating healthy on a budget. Markets like the new Thrive Market (which is growing fast) are starting to understand what the health enthusiast wants to consume, which is only pure and identifiable ingredients. 

Vague ingredients called supposedly "Natural Flavors" can set off allergies or trigger flairs in autoimmunity, and are not healthy for the human body. Many people who try to eat clean, simple, healthy foods specifically avoid these mysterious, undisclosed ingredients. That's why we're calling on Trader Joe's to help us.

We see that TJ's is a leader in understanding that their customers desire purity and affordability, but this secret addition of "natural ingredients" keeps popping up in their foods.

I am hoping our voices can come together and we can ask them together to stop including these vague and non-specific lists of unexplained "natural flavors." We know these ingredients are coming from a science lab and not from the earth. But we don't know exactly what they are.

Could they be GMO products? Could they contain pesticides or herbicides? We have no idea. What we do know, though, is that we do not want those ingredients in our food system any longer.

We are trusting that Trader Joe's will listen to us and our voices. The solution would be for them to choose to be the first establishment willing to disclose exactly what "Natural Flavors" really are and where they comes from, and also to intentionally refuse to use or allow it in their products.

We love Trader Joe's and hope to continue being regular customers if they hear us and change. Sign the petition if you want Trader Joe's to be more transparent and eliminate mysterious food ingredients!

Update #35 months ago
please begin to share again this petition on your facebook, twitter and on your social media support group sites.. This is hugely important because I know people who have severe allergic reactions to "natural flavors" whatever those are. We do not know because it is the only ingredient allowed to be a complete mystery. Thank you for sharing this everywhere. and helping get way more signatures!!
Update #25 months ago
Hello supporters... , the signing has slowed down now to a halt and I think in order for Trader Joe's to really hear us, we need to get the momentum going again. I know my original goal was only a thousand signatures, but I have been told I need a million for them to listen. Is that possible? I think so because I know there are a million people who shop at trader Joe's who care about what goes in their bodies. Please share this petition again to see if we can get more to sign!! Change awaits.
Update #15 months ago
Thank you so much for signing this petition. Please don't forget to share it with your friends and family.
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