Help Save Dumbo - Last Orphaned Coyote

  • von: Jennifer L
  • empfänger: New York Port Authority, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and US Department of Agriculture (USDA), New York City, NY

In 2016 a family of coyotes living in NYC were caught and euthanized by government officials who claimed it was necessary to protect the public. Various attempts were made by activists to help relocate this family of coyotes, however no one in power would listen or act.

One coyote managed to escape - his name is "DUMBO." Dumbo is thought to live near LaGuardia Airport and Rikers Island Jail. Locals who work in the sites are familiar with Dumbo although he is rarely seen. Dumbo  is not known to have ever behaved aggressively to anyone; in fact he is scared of people and is simply trying to survive

USDA and Port Authority officials had promised to safely relocate this coyote, however officials have recently been spotted attempting to euthanize him. All the promises to wild animal activists are out the window and they refuse to speak with us. Dumbo deserves a chance to be protected and instead of trying to kill him officials should be educating people of the importance of wildlife and how feeding can create problems.

Dumbo deserves a chance to live and not face the same fate his family did. We will continue to reach the media, politicians and all those who would want to help protect him by offering him a sanctuary or rehabilitation place to live. However, although we are taking all measures possible to help Dumbo we also need your help.

Please help us collect enough signatures to urge the USDA and Port authority to continue to protect wildlife by protecting this coyote. If officials need to relocate Dumbo it should be to a sanctuary or rehabilitation site, and they should take all measures required to safely do it.

Update #4vor 2 Jahren
“April 2018”

When we thought we had enough signatures and found a safe place for Dumbo we decided it was time to deliver the petition and push for his relocation. The petition was initially sent by email to various Port Authority (PA) individuals whom we presumed could make executive decisions. Then the actual petition and signatures were personally delivered. The person we gave the petition to claimed we will be contacted, however we did not hear from them but “the sanctuary” did.
Update #3vor 2 Jahren
"After the last attempt to kill Dumbo"

Thankfully the media helped prevent Dumbo’s killing by making the public aware. Even though he was no longer in imminent danger we worried because we knew PA was still keeping track of Dumbo’s whereabouts. They had installed additional cameras to track him and USDA vehicles continued to surveil the location. We decided to keep fighting to ensure his safety, since the petition created showed us the immense support Dumbo had from people all over the world.
Update #2vor 3 Jahren
Recent news article ... we continue to be hopeful for Dumbo ....Please continue to share this petition ...
Update #1vor 3 Jahren
We are beyond grateful to those of you who signed and shared our petition. Please continue to share we need more signatures to protect "DUMBO"
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Petition unterzeichnen
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