Ban horse carriage rides in New York City!

  • av: OD Action
  • mottagare: New York City Council

A horse used for carriage rides in New York City collapsed from exhaustion and illness, laying in the city streets for an hour while his driver is said to have whipped him and screamed at him to get up. According to Department of Health records, at least seven carriage horses have died in NYC. The inhumane treatment of the animals has long been criticized by advocates, and has yet to slow down even in the face of unprecedented heat.

New York City carriage rides have continued to operate throughout record heat waves — pulled by horses who were already overworked and abused. The horses are forced to trot on blistering pavement all day long, dodging traffic while carrying tourists through the city. From permanent leg damage from overuse to respiratory issues from breathing exhaust, forcing a horse to live like this is downright cruel.

Add your name to call for an immediate ban on NYC horse carriage rides!

At least 30 incidents in NYC have been recorded since 2013 alone,  and that's just the ones that get reported. Accidents with traffic, deaths, freak-outs that send the horses running — there's no limit to what could happen with this inhumane industry still continuing to operate. At the end of the work day, they still don't go home to the environment necessary to live a healthy life. 

These horses were never meant to work in such an urban setting and deserve to live a life free of abuse.

Sign your name to demand NYC ban horse carriage rides!

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