Man Dumped Dead Tortoise Bodies After He Let His Pets Freeze to Death

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: Authorities in Devon, UK
A man in Devon, UK was caught dumping the corpses of 10 giant tortoises he'd kept as pets, until he neglected them to death.

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The man had acquired more than 60 tortoises over the past 15 years, adopting them when they were hatchlings. They spent their whole lives with him - and then one Christmas, he went away for six days and simply left them there.

While he was gone, 10 of the more than 60 pets died from cold and diseases due to neglect.

When he arrived back home and realized what had happened, he tried to dispose of the evidence so no one would know. So he brought their large bodies to a nearby woodland and threw them away there. A passerby noticed and contacted authorities.

No one should be able to hoard so many pets - it's a recipe for disaster and death. And we can see that's exactly what happened here. When this man took on having pet tortoises, he was committing to be responsible and to take care of their needs. But instead he abandoned them and failed them.

But the big questions are: How did this situation even get this far? How did this happen? Who sold 60 hatchlings to a man in Devon, UK for his private pet collection? All of these deaths could have been avoided; this tragedy should never have happened. Sign the petition to demand an investigation!
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