Republicans are trying to overturn state humane agriculture laws. Don't let them!

Republicans talk about "states rights", but they are they are aggressively pushing a bill that would overturn state laws that support humane agriculture:

"The bill would ban state and local governments from imposing standards on the production of agricultural goods that come from other states. The provision would stop states from legislating animal welfare issues such as the space provided for pigs and chickens to move around."

'The last thing we need is a big state like California imposing its will on ag-heavy states like Kansas with regulations that will also restrict our ability to trade among the states,' said Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., a bill sponsor." (source)

California, for example, bans the sale of pork products from pigs that have been confined in crates that severely restrict their movement. Other states have a range of laws that regulate such conditions. But if Congressional Republicans have their way, such laws would be eliminated, and we'd see a "race to the bottom" for treatment of these animals.

Humane treatment seems a small price to pay, given what these animals are providing us. And it's the least we can do, and we should do it.

Sign the petition: Demand Republicans stop trying to overturn state humane agriculture laws.

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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