Youtubers Are Harming Monkeys for Clicks at This World Heritage Site

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: APSARA National Authority

In the shadow of Cambodia's majestic Angkor temples, a distressing scene unfolds: wild macaques are subjected to abuse and exploitation by YouTubers wanting to profit from their interactions with these intelligent animals. One heart-wrenching video captures a baby monkey, clearly distressed, struggling to escape as it is mishandled for the sake of entertainment. This is just one instance of the growing problem of wildlife abuse at the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site, driven by the quest for online views and revenue.

Sign the petition to demand that APSARA, the authority overseeing the Angkor site, implement stricter regulations and serious consequences for those exploiting these monkeys.

The exploitation of these monkeys not only harms the animals but degrades the sanctity of the Angkor site. Monkeys, once symbols of the spiritual and natural heritage of the area, are now bait for tourists and content creators who lure them with food, disrupt their natural behaviors, and put both animal and human visitors at risk. Reports indicate that interactions forced by those filming are making the monkeys increasingly aggressive, leading to injuries and further disturbances at this historic site.

In response to these harmful practices, there is an urgent need for conservation action to accelerate. Existing guidelines that discourage direct interaction with wildlife must be enforced with greater vigilance and stricter penalties. Additionally, the installation of educational programs for both tourists and locals can promote respectful and safe wildlife watching practices.

Sign the petition to demand that the monkeys of Angkor are respected and protected, not exploited for profit!

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Signera petitionen
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