Denver's New Pet Care Model Is Saving Dogs. Let's Expand It!

As animal shelters across the nation face an unprecedented crisis with rising pet surrenders and escalating euthanasia rates, Colorado has a unique opportunity to set a precedent in compassionate pet care and family support. The remarkable work by the Denver Animal Shelter is a beacon of hope that could be replicated across the state.

Denver Animal Shelter's approach to keeping pets with their families through assistance programs, low-cost care, and a "Safe Haven" program is a model that addresses the root cause of the crisis. This new model is life-saving. These efforts, have already helped over 100 families in 2023 by connecting them with essential services, demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.

Sign this petition to urge the Colorado State Government to implement similar programs in all animal shelters statewide!

Animal shelters are beyond crisis mode, struggling with the influx of pets surrendered due to economic hardships like eviction moratoriums and rising housing costs. This isn't about convenience; it's about families in desperation, forced to make heart-wrenching decisions. The Denver Animal Shelter's model not only helps pets but also provides much-needed support to families facing tough economic times.

By expanding this model throughout Colorado, we can reduce the number of pets entering shelters, lower euthanasia rates, and provide vital support to families in economic distress. The program's success in Denver--providing free vaccinations, microchips, food, and help with spaying or neutering--can be a statewide solution, offering a compassionate and effective response to this growing crisis.

Sign the petition to demand the Colorado State Government take immediate action to replicate Denver's pet care and family support model in all state shelters!

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Signera petitionen
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