Iceland Is Letting People Hunt 128 Endangered Whales In a Cruel and Bloody Way

Whale hunting is an extremely painful and cruel way to kill animals. Animals that haven't even done anything wrong - they're simply living their lives, swimming in their waters, when suddenly humans attack them with harpoons, leaving them to bleed out and suffer.

Yet the government of Iceland has just approved a new license for whale-hunting that will allow a company called Hvalur to slaughter 128 fin whales. Fin whales are already an endangered species.

What in the world is the Icelandic government doing? Approving a slaughter of this species that is already in danger of extinction is irresponsible and unconscionable! Sign the petition to demand the Icelandic government reverse its reckless decision now!

Not only does the world need to protect the few remaining fin whales that are still alive, but it should also be treating them humanely. And whale hunting is the furthest thing from that. The Icelandic government itself released a report in 2023 showing that "some whales killed in Icelandic hunts had taken up to two hours to die" and that "41% of whales suffer[ed] immensely.

In fact, this heinous form of hunting is so grotesque and so cruel, every single nation in the world has banned it - except for three countries, which are Iceland, Norway, and Japan.

And now, of course, the Icelandic government is essentially encouraging the further decimation of fin whale populations.

Climate change and pollution are already wreaking havoc on whales' habitats, further putting them in harm's way. On top of that, new research shows that previous whale hunting from the 1900s wiped out 99% of Eastern North Pacific fin whales around the world!

There's no conceivable justification for inflicting such pain and suffering on innocent animals. Sign the petition to demand the Icelandic government finally catch up with the rest of the world and ban this disgusting, bloody practice forever! Speak out to save the whales!
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Signera petitionen
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