The White House Wants To Eliminate Transgender Identity Under The Law

  • av: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar

The Trump administration is looking to strip the rights and protections for more than one million Americans by narrowing the legal definition of gender based on the person's genitalia at birth. 

Trump's Health and Human Service Department has crafted an unreleased memo that would dramatically roll back Obama era rules that opened up avenues for Americans to determine their own gender and protected transgender students under Title IX, the federal program designed to ban gender discrimination in educational programs. 

This policy is pointlessly cruel. If the Trump's Administration is allowed to move forward with plans to strictly limit "gender" as a person's birth certificate sex (with possible invasive genetic testing), 1.4 million transgender and non-binary people will lose vital protections and recognition under the law. 

These new rules would essential eradicate federal recognition for trans and non-binary Americans — unless we speak out now.

Please sign the petition to demand that HHS drop all plans to rigidly define sex and to allow transgender Americans to live their lives without harassment, fear, and condemnation from the government.


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Signera petitionen
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