Take Action Now: Help Protect Life Sciences Jobs and Medical Innovation in Virginia

Virginia is a national leader in biopharmaceutical innovation. 1,451 life sciences companies here in the Commonwealth generate $8 billion annually towards our local economy. As Virginia lawmakers continue to consider ways to address health costs, no solutions should come at the expense of our robust medical innovation industry or access to treatments that help transform patients' lives.

Help us protect life sciences jobs and patients across the Commonwealth. Raise your voice!

Join us today and send a letter to your lawmakers urging them to protect Virginia's life sciences and biotechnology industries by rejecting policies that would negatively impact local jobs and hinder the development of critical medications patients rely on.


As your constituent, I urge you to support and advance policies that will protect Virginia's life sciences and biotechnology industries.

1,451 life sciences and biotechnology companies call the Commonwealth home, and they employ over 26,500 Virginians and generate $8 billion annually towards our state's local economy.

As you consider policies to address health care access and affordability, I urge to you support policies that will advance Virginia's role as a leader in the life sciences industry, protect the local economy,  and support patient access to new and innovative treatments. Any proposal that intends to lower health care costs for patients in the Commonwealth must not come at the expense of Virginia's ability to develop, test, and provide lifesaving and life-enhancing medications. 

Virginia life sciences companies need a strong innovation ecosystem to maintain the Commonwealth's role as a national life sciences hub. Please protect Virginia's life sciences and biotechnology industries.

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Signera petitionen
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