Embrace Assistance Dogs: Pledge for Inclusion in Our Community

We're on a mission—to create a community where everyone feels welcome, including those with disabilities who rely on incredible Assistance Dogs. These furry companions bring immeasurable value to their handlers' lives, yet they often face unnecessary barriers and misconceptions.

By signing this pledge, you promise to be a champion of inclusion and spread awareness about the life-changing role Assistance Dogs play in the lives of people with disabilities.  

Together, let's tear down those barriers and make our community a more inclusive place that celebrates the presence of Assistance Dogs and their incredible handlers.

You understand that inclusion means going beyond simply saying "okay." It means actively promoting equal opportunities, independence, and social engagement for all. By signing the pledge, you're committing to educating others, busting myths, and fighting for the rights of Assistance Dogs to access public spaces, transportation, and housing—no more discrimination!

Let's create an environment where individuals with Assistance Dogs feel respected and welcomed in social activities, events, and organisations. Together, we'll raise our voices to break down barriers and ensure they can fully participate in our community.

So, are you in? Sign this pledge today and join Assistance Dogs Australia in spreading awareness, building a more inclusive world—a world where the unbreakable bond between humans and Assistance Dogs weaves the fabric of our community.
Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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