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Samson and his small herd of eight horses wasted away in plain sight – fenced into a yard for months with almost no food. Samson suffered the most, trapped in a 12 foot by 12 foot pen for over a year. When one of the herd died, a neighbor finally alerted Texas police. Habitat for Horses arrived with our trailers the next day.

We gave Samson his name as a silent promise that we would help him regain his strength and majesty. After lots of love, care and time, he will never be forgotten again.

Too many equine are forgotten by people who should care – even when the signs of injury and neglect are obvious. Horses go hungry, they get overworked, become ill and are left to die. Some people refuse to get involved by simply forgetting they saw the cruelty.

If you're a true horse lover, please commit to acting on the cruelty and stopping it. You can save a suffering horse.

Sign this action if you will commit to saving a horse's life by speaking up when you see cruelty.

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Signera petitionen
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