Stop the Trump EPA's Attacks on Methane Pollution Protections

Scientists are ringing the alarm bells to warn us that time is running out to slow down global warming. There is one thing we can do immediately to make a significant contribution to bringing us to climate safety: cut methane emissions.

Yet the Trump EPA has proposed significantly weakening methane pollution protections, putting our children's future at risk of climate catastrophe. Send a message to Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to demand that EPA protect our children's future, not the bottom line of the gas industry.

SUBJECT: Moms demand methane pollution protections remain in place

Dear Acting Administrator Wheeler,

As a parent, I am deeply concerned by your proposal to cripple existing protections that limit the amount of methane the oil and gas industry can release into our air.

Methane is a key contributor to climate change. Reckless methane emissions threaten our children's health and future. Thousands of children, especially those living near oil and gas operations, will face increased health risks including asthma attacks, respiratory diseases, and even cancer. Instead of keeping methane emissions in check, this proposal would allow companies to avoid basic leak prevention and repair requirements, benefitting the oil and gas industry -- not our kids.

The EPA has a responsibility to protect America's children from threats to their health. This proposal is a direct violation of that responsibility.

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