Don't Expose Children to the Violence of Bullfighting

  • av: Audry M
  • mottagare: Government of Spain
There is no denying that Spanish bullfighting is a bloodsport. Often excoriated in other countries, it is still considered part of Spain's "cultural heritage." Despite pushback from animal rights activists who managed to have the "sport" banned in Catalonia eight years ago, bullfighting fans seem to be winning the fight. In fact, the Catalonian ban only lasted 6 years when in 2016 it was overturned by Spain's constitutional court.

But while the sport is still widely followed, there has been a growing concern that more than just the bulls are being harmed at the matches. Recently, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) has come out against allowing children, under the age of 18, from attending bullfighting events or attending bullfighting schools.

Currently, children as young as 14, can legally attend one of Spain's 55 bullfighting academies.
But the UNCRC says the level of violence and is too high and that children should be protected from their "harmful effects." As the organization's name suggests, they believe that children have the right not to be subjected to such grotesque violence.

While this ugly sport continues to be legal in Spain, the country has said that they will consider the UNCRC's recommendation and this could be one step towards ending the sport entirely as less young people will grow up desensitized the this barbaric practice.

Please add your name to the petition and ask Spain to protect its children from the unnecessary violence of bullfighting. Ask Spain and it's autonomous regions to ban children from participating in bullfights in any way, shape or form.
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