Why Are Cyanide Bombs Allowed to Kill Animals on U.S. Public Lands?

In the US, public tax dollars currently fund M-44 wildlife killing devices, also known as "cyanide bombs." The bombs literally actively try to attract wild animals by spraying cyanide into their mouths and causing them to die, all to protect livestock raised for slaughter. These bombs are inhumane and indiscriminate: they often result in the death of many other animals (including pets!) that don't even pose a threat to livestock at all.

But we don't have to allow animals to be tortured and killed like this. A new bill, Canyon's Law, would ban the use of cyanide bombs on public lands!

Sign now to demand Congress pass Canyon's Law! 

The bill is named Canyon's Law after a 14-year-old boy named Canyon who inadvertently triggered an M-44 on public lands near his home in Idaho. The cyanide bomb he triggered killed his dog and injured him, and experts believe the only reason Canyon didn't die is because of the wind's direction. Canyon deserves justice, and we must urge Congress to pass this law!

Last year alone, M-44s were used in ten U.S. states. We must ban them for good on public lands! Sign the petition now if you agree!

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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