Join Care2 in Empowering Women & Girls Month

Women are people. It's that simple. Now it's time society catches up to that idea and centers and empowers women and girls. That's why Care2 is taking March, Women's History Month, to campaign for the things that lift women and girls up and cut out those that harm them. 

Will you sign on and join us for a month of Empowering Women & Girls?

In 2019, women are still paid only 80.5 cents on the dollar to men, and that number is even lower for women of color. Careers dominated by women are also the lowest paid, even when they provide a high societal value, as in the case of teachers, social workers and domestic laborers.

Women are still charged more for their products, and essentials like sanitary items are taxed as a luxury. Many women do not have access to family planning services, and those that do are almost never able to access paid parental leave if they do decide to become parents. 

Women are underrepresented in high status careers, including those that directly affect their lives like politics and corporate leadership. 12 million girls under the age of 18 are married every year, leading to stunted education, poverty and abuse. And 1 in 6 women will suffer a completed or attempted rape in her lifetime. 

But this month at Care2 we're going to work together with partner organizations and you, our members, to work on changing all of that. Will you sign on to join our campaign and use your voice to empower women & girls?
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