Hundreds of Arctic Tern Chicks Died. We Must Protect the Rest of the Colony!

Nothing could have prepared members of the National Trust for what they found when they went to investigate a massive arctic tern colony on the coast of Northumberland. More than 600 dead chicks were recovered from the site at Long Nanny. 

Researchers are worried that this mass die-off was caused by the bird flu, which has wreaked havoc on bird populations in the United Kingdom this year. 

These deaths are an absolute tragedy – and we must work as hard as possible to protect all the remaining arctic tern chicks and adults in the area, as well as their future chicks.

Sign now to demand the National Trust do everything in their power to protect the colony!

Arctic terns are spectacular creatures, capable of flying 22,000 miles round trip per year. These birds are so lightweight and aerodynamic that they can be seen beautifully gliding through the skies on a breeze alone. The species deserves safety and protection!

It will likely take years for this colony to recover, and it is important that conservation organizations like the National Trust do everything in their power to protect the remaining birds and future chicks. Sign the petition now if you agree!

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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