Tell the EPA: It’s Time to Tackle Power Plant Pollution

The power sector is one of the country's leading sources of climate- harming pollution, but up until now, the industry's pollution levels have gone almost entirely unchecked.

The EPA has just proposed new rules to limit carbon pollution and toxic mercury from fossil-fueled power plants. These proposed tighter standards for reducing mercury and other toxic pollution from power plants would protect communities from tragic health consequences.

Polluters are already lobbying hard against EPA's proposals — it is critical that they hear from environmentalists like you right now.

That's why we need your help to ensure that EPA requires even more power plants to clean up, and adopt technologies that don't further expose communities to harmful pollution and engages with and listens to communities most exposed to power plant pollution in formulating the final rules.

Fight with us to tell the EPA to finalize the strongest possible protections that reduce pollution from power plants.
As a member of the League of Conservation Voters, I am writing to urge you to act quickly to finalize new standards to protect our climate and our communities from harmful pollutants created by power plants.

Limiting pollution from power plants with all of your authorities provided by Congress is long overdue and widely supported, and it will lead to cleaner air, healthier communities, and a safer climate. The power sector is one of our nation's largest sources of climate pollution, yet its pollution has gone virtually unchecked. And despite existing limits on mercury and other toxic air pollutants that have delivered real public health benefits, power plants are still the leading source of those health-harming emissions. The EPA has an obligation under the Clean Air Act to set and effectively enforce limits on these emissions that harm our environment and health.

As these important proposals moves forward, I urge the EPA to finalize the strongest possible rules that require faster emissions reductions by early next year; ensure that they are in line with the urgency necessary to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and environmental injustice; and are shaped by input from the communities that will be most affected. I encourage you to require limits of 0.006 lbs of toxic pollution per million BTU for coal plants, tighten timelines for coal plant retirements to avoid installing climate pollution controls, and include smaller and peaker methane gas plants for carbon emissions reductions. It is also critical that the EPA require strong community engagement from states and power plant owners and take into account the community impacts of technologies and compliance pathways used to reduce power plant pollution.

Thank you for your attention to these important issues.
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